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May 7, 2012 / jrintels

Lifemobile. Here Now.

Lifemobile has now arrived, it looks gorgeous, and it’s shipping from this website, I’m thrilled to report.  To order, please click here and we’ll ship it right away.  I think you’ll enjoy it.

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  1. Michael Eddy / Apr 22 2012 7:12 pm

    I have been priveleged to know John for about 25 years. I have long admired his prowess on the softball field, his wit, his talents as the writer of many TV movies and a terrific episode of “Law & Order”. I can’t honestly say that I was unprepared for how good his first novel – “LIFEMOBILE” – turned out to be. But it was wonderful. Touching and life affirming – a beautifully rendered story told from the heart about a father and son who grow closer and learn about life and each other while they bring a classic car back to life. A car, the Corvair, much maligned during its brief incarnation – and possibly wronged in error – acting as a metaphor for other lives – human lives – warts and all – and the people whose paths they cross while on their journey. People who aren’t what they seem at first glance, producing odd couplings and strange friendships – ones that will endure, not only on the page, but I think the lessons of this beautiful story will leave a lasting impression on its readers as well. I can’t recommend it more highly. Share it with your children. In this age of bullying and rash judgements – it shows why you never judge a book by its cover – or a person by his or her facade. Walk a mile with these characters, climb into the back seat of their rebuilt Corvair and go on a road trip as uplifting as any I’ve taken in my own life. Top down, wind in your hair – it will leave you with a tear in your eye and a smile on your face. You’ll be in great company with the cast of LIFEMOBILE.

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