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May 23, 2012 / jrintels

A Lifemobile Reader Makes My Month

Hi Jon, I just finished Lifemobile. As a Special Needs teacher who deals with students with all levels of disabilities I found I connected with the characters in your book on many levels. I too had difficulties in school, although more behavioral. One of my teachers in school told me I was a “59″ ( my average in her class ) and that that was all I would ever be in life. I harbored anger toward her and school for many years until a dedicated teacher forced me into his class. He took in five boys who were all tossed out of regular classes. He embraced our differences, long story short he helped us find our place. Mine is working with those who don’t quite fit in. Perhaps, because I don’t fit in. Perhaps I drive a Corvair because it does not fit in.  We all need a place…..sometimes we find it, sometimes it finds us and sometimes, we need to make it. Perhaps we will meet someday at a Corvair event. I am easy to spot, my 69 Monza has a blue door. I am constantly being told to paint it so it does not stand out and it will fit in. I refuse…..I actually have another blue door for the other side.   Thanks for the great read, Paul S., M.ed, Teacher of Special Students

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