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December 7, 2012 / jrintels

“Often stirring and packed with emotion. An enjoyable ride.”

Ever since Kirkus Reviews agreed to review Lifemobile, I’ve been on pins and needles. Famed for being “reliably cantankerous,” one publisher said of a typical Kirkus Review, “It wasn’t just broad, it was rigorous, curmudgeonly, and it was often a dissenting or idiosyncratic voice.” So, since most people like the book, I’ve been nervous that they’d dissent.

Now, I’m pleased. Proud, actually. Kirkus has rules on excerpting their reviews, so here’s an allowed excerpt of their review of Lifemobile:

Often stirring and packed with emotion. An enjoyable ride. – Kirkus Reviews

The full review is here.

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  1. Michael Eddy / Dec 7 2012 10:10 am

    Congrats Jon!! Again – from one “curmudgeon” speaking to another (print version) – the stellar review by Kirkus is well deserved and on the nose. I could actually tell them “I told you so” – other then not speaking to anyone from Kirkus and the fact that I got to read your tome first.

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