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July 12, 2013 / jrintels

Asperger’s Detective on FX’s The Bridge

Here’s an excellent interview conducted by Alex Plank of, a great site for persons with Asperger’s, with Diane Kruger, who plays a detective with Asperger’s in FX’s new series, The Bridge.

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  1. Michael Eddy / Jul 13 2013 12:08 am

    Watched the premiere of THE BRIDGE and thought it was excellent. The reviews were all stellar and for once, a show lived up to the hype. One review I read (5 stars) had the lone criticism that they couldn’t understand why the writers made the choice not to divulge Kruger’s character having Aspbergers until later in the series – and having her character come off as strange and standoffish and rude to others. Having watched – I understand his comment – and unless I had read this review – and seen some other interviews with Kruger – I would not have connected the dots myself and wondered if it was all just a set of quirks. In any event – it is a fascinating character so far – as are the others in the series and I look forward to watching the story unfold.

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