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October 3, 2013 / jrintels

My Son’s Birthday

My son’s happy 23rd birthday was this week, and we celebrated by going out to dinner in our newly repainted 1965 Corvair convertible.  Readers of Lifemobile may be shocked by this, but he chose not to go to the McDonald’s drive-thru window, and instead opted for the fine dining and haute cuisine of Applebee’s.  His gastronomical palate is maturing and expanding, I guess.  However, he did have the Chicken Tenders platter — no surprise if you’ve read the book.

When we were done, we returned to the Corvair in the parking lot, where three people were buzzing around it.  True to the book, a long and delightful conversation ensued where we all swapped Corvair stories.  I once believed everyone in America was four degrees away from a Corvair.  Now, I think it’s more like two degrees.

Happy Birthday, Son!


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  1. Sofie Couch / Oct 4 2013 7:21 am

    Happy birthday to your son! And I’m 2 degrees of separation. 🙂 Dad had a corvair, convertible. Every time he filed the tank, he had to add a quart of oil.

  2. Marcia Powers / Oct 4 2013 9:47 am

    Happy birthday to your son. Met you at the library in Brattleboro vt. Still working on our frame up restoration. Should be going to be painted in a month. Next summer will be crusing in our 67 Conv.

  3. Michael Eddy / Oct 4 2013 11:08 pm

    Happy 23rd to JB!!! Good number. Don Mattingly wore it withe the Yanks and now he’s managing the Dodgers into the playoffs while his ex-team goes south for the winter – after going south for the season. But I digress. No Corvair for me but I believe I’ve been to Applebee’s with you guys – so that’s no degrees of separation at all. Had the ribs. Hope the day was swell – sounds like it with those swarming your ride – congrats again to your son on his big day.

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