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What Readers Say

Feedback from Lifemobile readers:

I just finished Lifemobile. As a Special Needs teacher who deals with students with all levels of disabilities I found I connected with the characters in your book on many levels.  We all need a place…..sometimes we find it, sometimes it finds us and sometimes, we need to make it. Perhaps we will meet someday at a Corvair event. I am easy to spot, my 69 Monza has a blue door. I am constantly being told to paint it so it does not stand out and it will fit in. I refuse…..I actually have another blue door for the other side.   Thanks for the great read.    Paul S., M.ed, Teacher of Special Students

“If you can tell Jon that I truly admired his book, that would be great.  Writing about a difficult subject with a light touch is rare, and he managed to inform and charm me with Lifemobile without ever being didactic—the baranca so many memoirists topple into when they’re writing about medical problems.”  E.K., Santa Barbara, CA

Dear Jon, I usually read automotive or tech magazines but finished your book in 3 evenings. Really enjoyed it & would like to add it to our catalog. Cal Clark, founder and owner, Clark’s Corvair Parts, Shelburne Falls, MA

To my friends and former colleagues in special education, if you have room for one more book for your summer reading … get this one. It will send your heart soaring (or at least I hope so) as you read a very unique novel. Roberta P., Elizabeth City, NC

I enjoyed the book so much, I actually finished reading it in Chicago at a Cubs VS Detroit Tigers baseball game.  How about that!!  Thanks again.        Keith M. — MI

…such a wonderful book. Surely one strong indication of a great story is the utter disappointment of coming to the end of it. I wanted it to go on and to keep following, most especially Benjy and Kenny’s adventures together re-building Corvairs!  Anyway, it was delightful.       Steve G. — Charlottesville, VA

I received my copy of the book yesterday and finished reading it today.  It is a beautiful and tender story that had me both laughing and crying.  I couldn’t put it down….it is a great love story on a lot of levels.               Robin F. — Tampa, FL

“Dear Steve: Tell Jonathan Rintels that his Lifemobile is spreading here. First your Mom read it, loved it, passed it on to me. I read and loved it, too…”    Steve’s Dad — OR

I finished the book yesterday and had happy tears dribbling down my cheeks. It was great! All of the characters have such strong personalities that you really feel like you know them and are rooting for them.                                      Sue M. — Cismont, VA

It was wonderful. Touching and life affirming – a beautifully rendered story told from the heart about a father and son who grow closer and learn about life and each other while they bring a classic car back to life.  I can’t recommend it more highly. Share it with your children.             Mike E. — Danbury, CT

What a wonderful true life story! I was a bit teary eyed several times but the tears flowed at the end. A great bond developed through the purchase of a great little automobile. My book came yesterday and I could not put it down.        Ray D. — Fredericksburg, VA

Absolutely incredible book. Very touching story of the relationship between a father and son.  A must read.               Gary H. — Seattle, WA

Book is fantastic.  I usually cheat and read the end, glad I did not.     Michael T. — Bloomington IL

… (an)exceptional piece of work. What a great first novel. I encourage everyone to get this book. This is a great story with a deep and meaningful message. Nice job, John. I look forward to your next novel.     Bob R. — Moseley, VA

Just finished your great book, very much enjoyed reading it…  Your book brought out … the uniqueness of a young man and his loving father. Thank you for your gift and for sharing it with all of us!           Gary D. — WI

Beautiful.  A magical inner and outer journey; a blend of science and story-telling.  So powerful.           Lynne L. — Memphis, TN

I just finished the very enjoyable Lifemobile.  I must say there were times I laughed my ass burgers off and times when I got a little weepy eyed. I plan on pushing it on several friends after my wife and son have read it.      Gary M. — MO

My wife loved it and so far I am enjoying it as well. The book is very well written and the story will appeal to anyone who has children and/or Corvairs. I highly recommend this book to anyone on this forum.          Cliff T. — Lexington, KY

I love the book. I started it last night and haven’t been able to put it down! I’ve been reading it all day and even took my laptop with me to school. The book is full of emotion! I’ve laughed, cried, felt like I was in the car, cheered for Benjy, wanted to slug Kenny and can’t wait to see how it turns out.             Kate P. — Arlington, VA

I purchased the book LIFEMOBILE from Amazon and just couldn’t put it down today. This story really hits home as my grandson has Aspergers Syndrome. The fact that it is also about Corvairs puts the icing on the cake. I liked the book and you will too. Clark H. — Detroit MI

I thought your book was great and am recommending it to my friends.    Brice H. B. — Houston, TX

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